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easy as a pie

TousAntiCovid is a practical everyday tool that is as easy as pie. Its functionalities have been designed to allow you to enjoy socialising places, to travel and to be informed in times of pandemic. Always protecting yourself and the people around you.

TousAntiCovid Wallet allows you to store locally the documents needed for the health pass: vaccination certificate, negative test certificate or proof of recovery.



In order to travel in Europe and to access certain places on the national territory, a health pass showing a vaccination certificate, a recent negative test for Covid-19 or proof of recovery is required. In order to facilitate and secure these procedures, TousAntiCovid has developed a tool that allows these documents to be stored electronically and kept at hand.

How does it work?

When a person is tested or vaccinated, their certificate is given to them in paper or digital form. Each person can import his or her certificate into the TousAntiCovid application from the Health Pass module. A system is used to authentify the documents to avoid fraud and make them accessible only to the competent authorities (e.g. border police).

For which devices?

All phones (from Android 5+ and iOS 11.2+).


Only the competent authorities (authorised personnel, police) with a reading key can access the documents. Access to users' health data is thus protected.


The digital tool is not mandatory, but authenticated certificates are required for certain travel or access to certain places or events.