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easy as a pie

TousAntiCovid is a practical everyday tool that is as easy as pie. Its functionalities have been designed to allow you to enjoy socialising places, to travel and to be informed in times of pandemic. Always protecting yourself and the people around you.

TousAntiCovid Signal is a digital reminder booklet, which allows to be alerted in case of detection of risky contact in places using the system (restaurants, bars, sports halls), especially where wearing a mask is not always possible. The mechanism was stopped on 21 March 2022.



As the virus can be transmitted over several metres and remain for several hours in a closed, poorly ventilated area, TousAntiCovid Signal has been designed as an additional measure where compliance with barrier measures may be difficult or even impossible (e.g. wearing a mask in a restaurant). It is a transmission risk detection tool that is complementary to Bluetooth, for greater effectiveness. It also allows people who do not have a Bluetooth compatible phone to be protected.

How does it work?

A QR code is placed visibly at the entrance to a restaurant, bar or gym. Customers scan it as they arrive and add their passage in encrypted form to their application. If a person declares themselves positive in TousAntiCovid and is found to be contagious while frequenting the location, all the people who frequented the same location during the same period are warned (without knowing where they were exposed to the virus). They are then offered health recommendations.

For which devices?

All phones with a camera (from Android 5+ and iOS 11.2+).


Once the QR Code has been scanned, the user adds the location for a fixed period of time. The duration of attendance is predefined in the QR Code of the location and varies according to the type of address (e.g. two hours for a restaurant but one and a half hours for a gym).


The technology used is secure and privacy-protective. The generated QR Codes are crypto-identifiers that do not allow the name and address of the location to be traced. The scanned QR Codes are stored locally in the phone. Approved by the CNIL (the National Commission on Informatics and Liberty), the system has been the subject of a decree validated by the Council of State.


The device is no longer compulsory inside restaurants, bars and nightclubs, and in sports halls.