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easy as a pie

TousAntiCovid is a practical everyday tool that is as easy as pie. Its functionalities have been designed to allow you to enjoy socialising places, to travel and to be informed in times of pandemic. Always protecting yourself and the people around you.

TousAntiCovid Bluetooth allows you to be notified if a user that you have passed for at least 5 minutes within a radius of 2 meters has tested positive for Covid-19 in the application.


Why ?

The public authorities have put in place a strategy to identify at-risk contacts in order to break the chains of transmission of the virus, of which the TousAntiCovid application is one solution. It covers places and situations where the concentration of people makes it difficult to establish whether one has been in close proximity to a contaminated person (e.g. public transport).

How does it work?

The application records the history of nearby contacts in an encrypted way via Bluetooth. If a user has tested positive for Covid-19 in the application, then others who have passed him/her for at least 5 minutes within a radius of 2 metres will receive a notification. A health pathway is then proposed.

For which devices?

All compatible phones with Bluetooth low energy functionality.


As soon as Bluetooth has been activated and the smartphone is switched on, the detection of risky contacts is active at all times.


This application is highly secure and the anonymity of users is ensured by ephemeral crypto-identifiers. It does not use geolocation and no personal data.


The application is not mandatory and calls for individual responsibility and collective solidarity.