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easy as a pie

TousAntiCovid is a practical everyday tool that is as easy as pie. Its functionalities have been designed to allow you to enjoy socialising places, to travel and to be informed in times of pandemic. Always protecting yourself and the people around you.

The application offers figures and the latest news on the epidemic, a certificate generator (when necessary), access to a health pathway and practical advice (where to get vaccinated/tested, when and how to isolate yourself...).



Health data comes from the following Sources: data from the SI-DEP database, data reported by health centers participating in SI-VIC and the OSCOURⓇ network, data from the Vaccin Covid database, data from the DRESS (Direction de la recherche, des études de l'évaluation et des statistiques). The data on vaccination and the epidemiological situation are aggregated and analyzed by Santé publique France (SPF) and made available on Data on the number of tests and hospital admissions by vaccination status are produced by the DREES.


The application provides daily news briefs on the latest developments concerning the epidemic.


TousAntiCovid provides access to a generator of outgoing certificates. These certificates are an alternative to paper certificates. Users can delete these certificates at any time.

Health pathway

In case of contact at risk, TousAntiCovid gives the recommendations of the Ministry of Solidarity and Health (test, isolation) and allows to declare a work stoppage with the Health Insurance in case of isolation.

Useful links

TousAntiCovid offers a complete list of different resource bases to get information or take useful steps in the context of the Covid-19 epidemic: recovering one's vaccination certificate, travelling, where to get tested, My Covid Tips, information and advice on contact tracing or isolation measures.