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TousAntiCovid is a state-led application to help fight against Covid-19

It allows you to be alerted in case of contact with Covid-19, to be informed on the evolution of the epidemic, to generate your travel certificates and to store your health certificates and to be notified when a booster shot is needed.

or directly download Android APK v5.1.0 (SHA256SUMS)


1. TousAntiCovid Bluetooth

TousAntiCovid Bluetooth allows you to be notified if a user you have passed within a radius of 2 metres for at least 5 minutes has tested positive for Covid-19 in the application.

2. TousAntiCovid Signal (deactivated)

TousAntiCovid Signal is a digital reminder booklet, which allows you to be alerted in case of detection of risky contact in places using the device (restaurants, bars, sports halls), especially where wearing a mask is not always possible. This feature is disabled.

3. TousAntiCovid Wallet 

TousAntiCovid Wallet allows you to store locally the documents necessary for the health pass: vaccination certificate, negative test or recovery certificate.

4. And also...

The application offers key figures and the latest news on the epidemic, a certificate generator (when necessary), access to a health pathway and many practical tips (where to get vaccinated/tested, when and how to isolate yourself...)

All functionalities in detail

The security of your data is at the heart of TousAntiCovid

TousAntiCovid complies with the regulations that guarantee the protection of your data (GDRP). The application does not require any personal information to operate. Technically, the project has been designed to provide the highest possible level of security.
How data is managed on TousAntiCovid
Why TousAntiCovid ?

TousAntiCovid is the application that helps us get through each stage of the pandemic while being active against the virus.

The health crisis has forced us to constantly adapt our habits and customs. At the beginning, it was a matter of protecting ourselves as much as possible, isolating ourselves, going up the chains of contamination. Then phases of partial reopening and new restrictions alternated.

Every time, TousAntiCovid has been able to adapt and even allow us to take care of each other. It facilitates the adoption of new barrier measures, making them easier to follow and respect: contact tracing during periods of high virus circulation, attestations during lockdowns and curfews, access to a health pathway (isolation, testing, vaccination).

Today, the application accompanies the return to normal life. Thanks to simple, non-binding gestures, it is integrated into our routines and allows us to move forward together towards life as it was before.

About TousAntiCovid

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